Quantum Manager

Revolutionary File & Media Manager for Joomla!
Do you want to optimize your time on preparing the content? This file manager gives you the ability to upload and insert images without any pain: you can resize and crop images, rename them, and upload files over existing ones without a problem. All that you need to make your work with files more effective have already been designed in Quantum Manager.
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What is this
extension for?

Quantum Manager is a free file and media manager allowing to upload and insert and resize images in WYSIWYG editor. It's possible to override image buttons of the core media manager and make your work with the content much more comfortable.

Quantum has in-built integration with Unsplash - a popular photobank that offers free photos. Now you can get high-quality images in seconds directly inside of your site!

What is this extension for?
design element
Create new folders at the root of the site
Limit access to folders for different user groups
Regular expressions in search field
Multiple uploading of files
Automatic image resize
Rename files and folders
Image cropping (based on Cropper.js)
Show file or folder meta-data
Create/edit scopes
Add watermark (options to configure)
Automatic filename transliteration
Keep the original images
Joomla ACL implementation (permissions)
Search and download photos from Unsplash
Embed files in articles according to the predefined templates

Simplify Your Workflow
From Start to End

This extension saves your time on managing files and media content inside the Joomla. Feel how it is cool to work with images inside the WYSIWYG editor using modern approach!
The architecture
design element

The Architecture

The manager is modular and each of its part is autonomous. All parts are bound to each other by Javascript events which you can connect to inside your scripts to customize the behaviour of the manager.

Parts of the manager:

  • Catalogue tree
  • File uploading
  • File and directory viewing area
  • Actions toolbar
  • Cropper.js

Each part on Joomla! side comes as JForm field. On the front-end, the parts are named as modules. Thereby, you can combine parts of the File Manager as you need inside of your forms that use JForm constructor.

design element


This is a conditional separation of file types into directories and looks like an alias to the folder which gives you a quick access from the component sidebar. You can create custom scopes even to folders stored in the root of the site and get access to important files in one click.
Templates to Embed Files
design element

Templates to Embed Files
(HTML Markup)

Using the plugin, you can create templates with HTML snippets and embed files in articles according to chosen template.
Just create an HTML markup with icon and styles you want to get and embed any supported type of files without an external shortcode plugin.

Variables to Create Folders and Limit Access
design element

Variables to Create Folders
and Limit Access

Combine Custom Scope template with variables and do a little magic with process automatization. This approach let you to create folder names with current date or user ID.
Moreover, the component can create a folder with a user ID and limit access to the user via flexible permissions settings. Combine it with Quantum Manager front-end feature and extend your news site/portal with extra functionality.

More Useful Features

design element
Front-end support
Create image from clipboard (copy/paste)
Work with SVG files
Archives uploading (.zip, .rar, etc)
Rotate image by EXIF
Display file meta-data
Grid mode for flexible management
Generate thumbnails for selected images
Import/Export component settings
Resize images automatically when upload in specified folder
Copy and move files and folders
Photo editor to customize images and change its resolution

Native Integration With

  • YOOtheme Pro
    Page Builder
  • SP Page Builder
    Page Builder
  • Unsplash
    Photo Stock

What is the package consist from

You might be curious what extensions the product is consist from and what functions these plugins are responsible for.
Quantum Manager
Type: Package
The component
Embed Files
Type: Button plugin
Adds Embed media button in WYSIWYG editor and allows embedding files with custom HTML snippets.
Type: Library
A field library which loads from an external site hika.su during component installation/update.
Adding Quantum Manager menu item to the sidebar
Type: System plugin
Adding Quantum Manager menu item to the sidebar of administrator panel (menu) for Joomla 4.
Quantum Manager content
Type: Content plugin
Quantum Manager content processing plugin.
Import/Export settings
Type: System plugin
Import/Export settings for Quantum Manager (JSON file).
Integration with YOOtheme Pro
Type: System plugin
Integration of Quantum Manager with YOOtheme Pro.
Integration with SP Builder
Type: System plugin
Integration of Quantum Manager with SP Builder.
Replace core media call
Type: System plugin
Redirect Media (com_media) call to Quantum Manager.
Icon for Quick Launch
Type: Icon plugin
Quantum Manager Icon for Quick Launch.
Download Package
Download Package

Download Package

Here you can download Quantum Manager package and install it as a typical Joomla extension. Please note that lib_fields library is downloading from 3rd party site hika.su during the installation/update process.

Recommended software: Joomla 4.2+, PHP 8.1+ and maximum Memory Limit value. See system requirements.

  • Quantum Manager showcase Quantum Manager showcase
  • Quantum Manager showcase Quantum Manager showcase
  • Quantum Manager showcase Quantum Manager showcase
  • Quantum Manager showcase Quantum Manager showcase
  • Quantum Manager showcase Quantum Manager showcase
  • Quantum Manager showcase Quantum Manager showcase
  • Quantum Manager showcase Quantum Manager showcase

To-Do List

What functionality is planned to-do in the future
UI friendly design
Responsive design turning the product friendly to mobiles and gadgets.
Simple Text Editor
Simple text editing via CodeMirror with file tree that helps to quickly navigate to another files.
WCAG standards implementation
WCAG/ADA standards to make the product more accessible on screen readers.
Integration with cloud services
Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Yandex Disc.
Play files inside the file manager
Simple Audio player to play files inside the file manager.
RTL support
Right-To-Left languages support. Additional CSS style.

Empower Your Workflow
and Submit your Ideas

This product is created to make work with content easier.
Get Started
Get Started

Get Started

We recommend to get started reading tutorials, watch video guides and read documentation which consist of detailed guides with screenshots, videos and useful tips and tricks. You also can ask us via social media channels.

If you found any mistake in documentation or tutorial - please report us and we will update the article. Quality matters!

Product Support

Product Support

If you have any questions, problems or ideas you want to share with us, please submit a ticket via Github tracker.
Please bear in mind there is no support for free products on NorrNext forum, use Github instead.

* Note: Please take in attention this product is free, and we give no guarantee of any support, bug fix and/or adding improvements.

Submit your idea or problem
Please describe your steps which causes the problem and provide technical information. It will help to reproduce the issue or describe your ideas in details.
Get a response
During the discussion more information will follow. Other users also can read the topic and join the discussion which might be useful to the community.
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Available Translations

Our product is friendly to many languages.
Click on language name to proceed to the translation pack and download it.
Do you want to add a new language or join to existing one as a translator? Read here.

What People Are Talking
About Our Product

Feedbacks, reviews and personal user experience and impressions
Quantum Manager logo
Daniel Dubois, Vice President of OSM (2019-2020)
„I'm a very happy Quantum Manager fan and user since few years now. Like I do with some others unavoidable Joomla extensions, I install Quantum Manager by default on my clients' websites. This brilliant media manager replaces the native one and raises the user experience to a rare level. Now, my clients can't imagine working on their site without Quantum Manager and I'm so grateful to NorrNext for this extension.“
Daniel Dubois, Former Vice President - Joomla
Jan Pavelka
„Testing since Beta version. It is great to manage images on your Joomla! site. The extension is simple and very clean - really easy to use. Great work.“
Jan Pavelka, Founder of Phoca.cz
Marc Dechèvre, founder of Woluweb
„If you need a powerful Media Manager for Joomla, you should definitely give Quantum Manager a try. Your end users will thank you!“
Marc Dechèvre, Founder of Woluweb
„This should be the Joomla file Manager. especially liked the function of the crop. Everything is simple and clear. Quantum Manager is much more convenient than a standard Manager.“
Vadim Kunitsyn, CEO of Joomline.net
„This Media manager is right for me. All problems are solved! Great!“
Eric Lamy, CEO of Agerix.fr

Your Voice Matter!

5 star rating
Your feedbacks are important for product reputation. If you like Quantum Manager, please write a review at the Joomla Extensions Directory and support project showing your experience.

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