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Add-ons Pack

We offer a bunch of additional addons extending NorrCompetition with extra functionality

List of add-ons:

Grid Module

  • NorrCompetition Grid Module
  • Grid Module
  • NorrCompetition Grid Module
    A grid module for NorrCompetition allows filtering entries by contests via a slight grid effect. The module has lot of settings, and it is easy to configure which elements should be displayed. Also, there is "Load more" navigation element and different sorting features.
    Full control on elements

    NorrCompetition Grid is a module for NorrCompetition sorting entries from selected contests with a smooth grid effect. Users can filter items by the following criteria: Rating, Name, Latest, Random, and by contests. You can dynamically load more items by clicking the button.

    The module supports responsive design and has wide range of options to control which elements should be displayed, so you can adjust the layout for your requirements: to show image, title, number of votes, tags and etc.

    Image Moderation

    Deep Image Analysis using benefits of SightEngine prevents users to upload images that does not correspond ethical values and may violate site's Terms of Use.
    • Nudity Detection
    • Weapons, Alchochol & Drugs
    • Offensive
    • Graphic Violence & Gore
    • Text Moderation in Images
    • Embedded Text & Watermarks
    • QR Code Moderation
    • Tobacco Products
    • AI-Generated Images
    • Minors (children under 18)
    NorrCompetition Image Moderation

    Application for EasySocial

    NorrCompetition Application for EasySocial

    This solution helps you to make an effective promotion for your NorrCompetition contests in combination with EasySocial.

    This product provides integration of NorrCompetition with EasySocial. The actions that users perform in the contests are displayed in the activity stream and submitted contests entries are displayed in the user’s profile. It greatly increases interest of the audience toward contests and helps with promotion. The product comes as EasySocial Application and the plugin.
    What is this add-on for?

    This package can be used as EasySocial Application to display the activity in contests that a user is performing and to keep their friends informed via timeline. Every guest can see to what contest the user has submitted an entry or what entry they voted for. It makes hype and attracts new visitors from social media platforms to come and vote, and that can be compared to a snowball effect. Contest entries are displayed along with the votes and photos in the user's profile.

    Application for JomSocial

    The actions that users perform in the contests are displayed in the activity stream and submitted contest entries are displayed in the user’s profile. It greatly increases audience’s interest in contests and helps with promotion. The product comes as JomSocial Application and the plugin.
    What is this add-on for?

    This package can be used as JomSocial Application to display the activity in contests that a user is performing and to keep their friends informed via the timeline. Every guest can see what contest the contestant has submitted an entry to or what entry they voted for. It makes a hype and attracts new visitors from social media platform to come and vote, that can be compared to a snowball effect. In the user's profile contest entries are displayed along with the votes and photos.

    NorrCompetition Application for JomSocial
    This solution helps you to create an effective promotion for your NorrCompetition contests in combination with JomSocial.

    Amazon S3

    NorrCompetition Amazon S3 Storage
    This plugin allows you to store NorrCompetition photos in a remote location. You can speed up your website using Amazon S3 clouds and get all the benefits of a highly-scalable, reliable, and low-latency data storage infrastructure at very low costs and do not pay more to your hosting provider.
    An easy way to store your media in Amazon S3

    Now it is possible to store your NorrCompetition media data remotely on Amazon S3, the online storage web service provided by Amazon Web Services.

    Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. This means customers of all sizes and industries can use it to store and protect any amount of data for a range of use cases. Amazon S3 provides easy-to-use management features so you can organize your data and configure finely-tuned access controls to meet your specific business, organizational, and compliance requirements.

    Notifications Plugin

    This plugin for NorrCompetition sends extended notifications to inform users about changed status of the entries they have submitted. A user who has submitted an entry form will receive a notification in case of approval, publishing, unpublishing, voting and etc.

    List of events:
    • Published
    • Unpublished
    • Approved
    • Unapproved
    • Declined
    • Voting
    NorrCompetition Notifications Plugin

    AUP Plugin for NorrCompetition

    AUP Plugin for NorrCompetition
    AltaUserPoints (AUP) is a user points and ranking application combining social rewards technology and marketing tool which opens great opportunities to extend your site. AUP assigns user points, rewards, and performs various actions according to user behavior. These benefits can be used in competitions to increase social interaction according to the rules.
    What is this add-on for?

    This package can be used to assign AUP points to users for actions they perform in NorrCompetition. Using the AltaUserPoints power and combining our package with other component rules you can reward users with medals and change their ranks, assign them to a new user group, let them to spend points for actions they perform within voting contest, get payout for earned points, get e-commerce items and more - this is what the points system does and what you can do by combining this package with other AUP rules.

    Further Development

    These add-ons are not yet released, but you can submit your request and we will come back to you with details

    SMS Vote

    Monetize your voting contests using an external SMS service Twilio. As soon as a user sends an SMS message and it is successfully delivered, some cash will be withdrawn from the balance and a vote will be assigned.

    Contests Monetization

    Using this add-on it is easy to integrate NorrCompetition with Twilio and set up rules for different actions:

    • Vote
    • Change/update entry
    • Revoke the vote
    • Create contest (front-end)
    Attract more users to take actions and earn via SMS!
    NorrCompetition SMS Vote

    Buy Points via Phoca Cart

    NorrCompetition Buy Points via Phoca Cart

    Another monetization of your voting contest. Use popular e-Commerce extension Phoca Cart as a gateway to accept payments and assign scores to a user which can be spent in NorrCompetition.

    What is this add-on for?

    Sooner or later you would like to earn money on providing voting contests. On NorrCompetition side, you need to set up point rules and assign points for actions performed by a user. Then the balance (points) need to top up in the user profile. You can take Phoca Cart and create items and accept payments using this e-commerce extension. We offer various payment plugins for Phoca Cart. Discover plugins.

    Finally, this add-on integrates Phoca Cart with NorrCompetition and your order can be converted to points.

    Instagram Import

    If you are actively using Instagram account and there is a lot of content you would like to make a contest from, there is a way to import photos and post them automatically as entries.

    Using Instagram API, this add-on takes photos from your account tagged under specific tags (to be configured in plugin settings) and creates entries to be posted to the content for further approval.

    A good tool to fill out the contest quickly with an already prepared content to be taken from Instagram.

    NorrCompetition Instagram Import

    Dropbox Import

    NorrCompetition Dropbox Import

    Dropbox is a place where all your team's content comes together.

    You can prepare and correspond the content for further contests with your partner/client and store all images in Dropbox. When all is done, you can take this add-on and run the import process. All images from Dropbox folder will be created as new entries and assigned to the contest for further approval.

    A good tool to fill out the contest quickly with an already prepared content to be taken from Dropbox.

    Local Folder Import

    You can prepare a collection of photos for mass add to the contest and store them in a local folder on your computer. This add-on performs an important step and provides import of all photos from this folder and create entries. Filename can be taken and will be used as entry name.

    After detailed revising, you can approve and publish all entries. There are additional options to configure import process.

    A good way to save your time and automatize the process of management.

    Local folder import

    E-mail Verification

    NorrCompetition Email Verification

    This add-on implements an additional protection layer allowing a user to enter their e-mail to confirm performing a vote.

    When the user pushes on Vote button, then a message with confirmation code is sent to e-mail. After proceeding to the link, user's vote will be counted. The same goes for revoking the vote.

    Using this add-on you can solve the following tasks:

    • Get additional protection from fraud votes.
    • Collect user e-mails and use them for marketing purposes or import to AcyMailing.

    Privacy Tool Suite

    Privacy Tool Suite is a core Joomla extension which gives the site administrator the ability to track and manage information access or removal requests from site users, seamlessly. This extension complies with a law requirement and a regulation such as GDPR.

    This add-on collects the information about what actions are being performed by registered users in NorrCompetition and stores it in Privacy Tool Suite.

    You can handle users' requests more effectively and get full action logs related to voting contests in one place.

    NorrCompetition Privacy Tool Suite

    Auto Posting to Social Media

    Auto Posting to Social Media

    This add-on integrates NorrCompetition with a 3rd party component to be used as a platform for automatic posting of entries to your social media channels and profiles.

    As soon as an entry is approved by a site administrator, then the component posts a message which is marked up with native Open Graph tags to social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and etc.

    Automatization helps you to save loads of time without a need to focus on social profiles and, at the same time, keep the activity there.

    Pricing That Suits All
    Business Sizes

    Duration of each plan refers to the access to download section, product updates and support. There is no limitation of functionality when the subscription expires.
    NorrCompetition Add-ons pack


    12 months

    • yes
      Updates: up to 5 domains
      Number of domains to support
    • yes
      All in-one add-ons **
      7 add-ons. Users' choice to keep your voting contests site updated
    • yes
      20% discount on renewal
      No recurring payment

    * Displayed prices are excluding VAT. Correct prices / VAT will be calculated in the checkout.

    ** The Bundle package includes the following 7 add-ons: Grid Module, Image Moderation, AltaUserPoints Integration, EasySocial Integration, JomSocial Integration, Amazon S3 Integration and Notifications plugin. The add-ons below 'Further Development' header are not released yet and can be included to NorrCompetition Add-ons pack later. Contact us if you need a new add-on.

    Note! The Add-ons pack DOES NOT include NorrCompetition product. The Bundle pack which is available at the product page comes with extra add-ons to extend the functionality of NorrCompetition extension, but you should buy this product first.

    • Add-ons pack - a product which includes extra add-ons only. The core component is not included.
    • Bundle pack - NorrCompetition and extra add-ons.

    The number of add-ons is growing. You can investigafe this page and see active add-ons and the list of add-ons which are planned release under a custom request and later to be included tothe Add-ons pack.

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    Add-ons Pack
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Joomla version are the add-ons compatible with?

    All add-ons are compatible with the latest version of Joomla CMS.

    Can you distribute a single add-on outside of the Add-ons pack?

    Add-ons are not available as single products. Our offer includes a pack which consists of the add-ons listed above.

    Can you help with configuring a 3rd party extension or service the add-on is related to?

    Within the subscription plans we provide support to our products solely including add-ons. So, we help with add-on installation and set up. However, you should be familiar with the 3rd party extension or service you want to get NorrCompetition integrated with. Installing and configuring any 3rd party software or service according to your Specification can be considered a custom service.

    The add-on is no longer working after the software update

    In most cases, developers of 3rd party extensions change something in product code or external service gets changes in its API. In some cases the script can be affected due to server environment which was changed on hosting side.
    If you face any issues, please use the helpdesk for further investigation and discussion. If something needs to be updated in our add-on, we will do it. Otherwise, we can share technical details to be sent to extension authors/service by a user.

    Where to get support on add-ons?

    You can submit your questions on helpdesk (forum) in NorrCompetition section.

    I need add-on customization. Can you perform such a task?

    We are open to discussion on adding extra functionality to the add-ons. You can submit your request in Jobs section on support forum.
    Did not find answer to your question?
    Try to examine Knowledgebase page (Pre-Sales FAQ included) or contact us to get help.

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