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How to create sitemap

How to create sitemap

Discover how to generate a clean and Google optimized sitemap for your site.
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Use on multilingual sites

Creating a Multilingual site

We will examine how to extend a site with additional languages and how to set up a multilingual feature correctly.
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Sending newsletters using Joomla

Sending newsletters using Joomla

Sending newsletters via Joomla directly via 3rd party extension. No external service.
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Signing up to the Joomla using social accounts (Facebook, Twitter)

Use social accounts (Facebook, Twitter) to sign up to the site

Let users signing up/signing in to the site via social profiles. A detailed guide.
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Cookies  law. How to block extension functionality

Cookies law. How to block extension functionality

Let's learn how a user can refuse cookies acceptance on the site and how to block the functionality where cookies are being used to get the site a compliance to EU regulation.
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How to change the default Log folder

Examining site logs might be a must-have when you develop a site and some issue occurs. In some cases you may need keeping logs in a custom folder.
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