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photo and video voting contest extension

A top Joomla extension to organize various voting contests with amazing features and flexible settings out of the box allowing to combine them and get outstanding results and various contests on the same site.

Compatibility: Joomla 3

What is NorrCompetition for?

With this solution you can organize photo or video contests on your Joomla! website with the list of entries, voting and winners.

Various contests

Create any kind of contests: Miss of Universe, Lady or Man of the Year, Best Car, Art Exhibition or even Most Lovely Pet. Anything you want!

Various types and fields

Contests follow with 3 types: photo, video, and simple. You can also use gallery and combine photo and video content and use simple type allowing to embed HTML code.
photo or video contests on your Joomla

Advanced settings

There are a lot of settings out of the box, giving you additional flexibility to create unique voting contests on your site.

Results you will get

Increase the socialization of your website with user content. You also can attract more users at your site who will come to vote and get their contacts. A snowball effect!

Create Voting
Contests of
any Type

Extend your site with an interactive content and increase interaction with audience using social factor.
A snowball effect!
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Contest types

Contest types

3 types of contents: photo, video and simple.
Many params to configure

Many options to configure

Many options to configure voting period, frequency and etc.
Embed HTML snippets

Embed HTML snippets

Ability to embed HTML code (e.g. Soundcloud widget).


Support of core CMS categories. Up to 3 nesting categories.
Hide entries in a contest

Hide entries in a contest

Hide entries in a contest before the voting is started (optional).
Grand prix status

Grand-prix status

An entry with grand prix status will be displayed separately.
Guests can submit entries

Guests can submit entries

Entry submission by unregistered users
Guests can submit entries

Edit contests on the front-end

Users can create and edit contests from the front-end
Guests can submit entries

Limits entries for a user

Set up custom limits on user submission per a contest
Guests can submit entries

Fields with many types

Custom fields to build informative contests
Guests can submit entries

Captcha in submission form

Choose Captcha to display for different user groups.
Guests can submit entries

Crop and resize image

It is easy to crop and set up the right proportions for the image
Guests can submit entries

IP-address check

Unfair and repeatative voting protection via IP-address check.
Guests can submit entries

Fingerprint.js layer

Protection from unfair votes via Fingerprint.js.
Guests can submit entries

Cookie check

Cookie check is the 4th protection level.
Guests can submit entries

Various Captcha versions

Implementation of Google reCAPTCHA (2.0, invisible).
Guests can submit entries

Period of voting

Set up a period of the voting when a user can vote again.
Guests can submit entries

Vote score and validation

Get score on vote and validation.
Unvote feature

Unvote feature

Users can revoke their vote during some period of time.
Unvote feature

Any user group can vote

Select which user groups are allowed to vote (even guest).
Unvote feature

Many voting period options

Custom time period for voting and revoking the vote.
Unvote feature

Votes log and export

Export voting logs from the selected period of time/contest.
Unvote feature

Tracking data

Collect info about the voter (user agent, language, etc.)
Unvote feature

Multiple voting for an entry

A user can vote for the same entry multiple times (option).
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Custom fields per entry

Custom fields for contest entries (+ many field types)
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Submitted entry comparision

Moderation: Comparison of current and changed entry data
Feature icon

Entry changes approval

Moderation: changed entry needs approval
Feature icon

Users can manage own entries

Managing entries on the user’s side (front-end)
Feature icon

Options override

You can override options in contest settings
Feature icon

ACL & Permissions

Many ACL rules and flexible permissions
Feature icon

Multilingual support

Enable multilingual features and make contests available on different languages
Feature icon

Display winners

Set up number of winners to display and sorting options
Feature icon

Sorting winners by a field

Sort winners by a selected field to get more extended result (city, state, year and etc.)
Feature icon

Notifications about activity

Sending e-mail notifications about various contest activity
Feature icon

Photo rotation based on EXIF

Photo rotation based on EXIF orientation data
Feature icon

Countdown timers

Display countdown timers with many options

And Moreover:

Embed video of popular video providers
Support of popular comment systems
Display EXIF data
Open Graph and social share support
No external scripts
Using content plugins on the entry page
Clean code without encrypted fragments
Events to develop custom plugins
100% Open Source
  • NorrCompetition showcase
  • NorrCompetition showcase
  • NorrCompetition showcase
  • NorrCompetition showcase
  • NorrCompetition showcase
  • NorrCompetition showcase

Integration With 3rd Party
Extensions and Services

NorrCompetition has a seamless integration with cool services and extensions giving you an extra flexebility and functionality.
  • EasySocial


    Display actions with contests
  • Komento


    Comments on entry pages
  • Phoca Cart

    Phoca Cart

    Buy points and spend them by performing actions (soon)
  • Amazon S3

    Amazon S3

    Store images on Amazon W3 cloud service
  • Dropbox


    Import photos from Dropbox and create entries (coming soon)
  • Fingerprint

    Fraud detection APIs for the Internet
  • Disqus

    Add comments of a hosting service to entry pages
  • JomSocial

    Quantum Manager

    Attach PDF files to your entries
  • JomSocial


    Actions with contests displaying in JomSocial
  • Youtube


    Embed Youtube videos
  • Instagram


    Embed Instagram videos
  • Vimeo


    Embed Vimeo videos
  • Dailymotion


    Embed DailyMotion videos
  • Facebook


    Share content via Facebook or embed video (coming soon)
  • Pinterest


    Share page in Pinterest
  • Tiktok


    Embed TikTok videos (coming soon)
  • Twitter


    Share entry page in Twitter
  • VK


    Share entry page in VK

Extra Add-ons

The following apps come as a part of NorrCompetition Add-ons pack:
  • Grid module

    Grid module

    An elegant way to display and sort entries
  • Carousel module

    Carousel module

    An elegant way to display and sort entries
  • Amazon S3

    Amazon S3

    An elegant way to display and sort entries
  • AltaUserPoints integration with NorrCompetition

    AUP rules

    An elegant way to display and sort entries
  • Folder Import

    Folder Import

    Import images from folder (coming soon)
  • JomSocial integration with NorrCompetition

    JomSocial integration

    An elegant way to display and sort entries
  • EasySocial integration with NorrCompetition

    EasySocial integration

    An elegant way to display and sort entries
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We Will Help You to Set up Successful Contests

From the beginning until complex tasks, we accompany you at all stages and help to discover rich and flexible features of NorrCompetition to get best result.
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Sample Data

Just install Sample data plugin and get pre-defined content and examine options and settings.
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Documentation & Support

Ther is an extensive documentation ready to help you get started. And our suppoert team is ready to answer your questions.
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Video tutorials

There is nothing better then watch and repeat actions step-by-step. Find many useful videos which will help you.
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Online Playground

Try out Playground site and do tests online! A good way to see ready contests and play with options.

Video Overview

Watch a practical example how to organize voting contests with photo and video.

A step-by-step video tutorial with some tips and tricks.

What People Are Talking
About Our Product

Feedbacks, reviews and personal user experience and impressions
NorrCompetition logo
star rating

Great extension, great support!

A very good extension for competitions. You can create video or photo contests. You can use ACL to define who is allowed to vote.
Viviana Menzel, review from JED
star rating

Great software for running an online exhibition

This extension saved me a lot of time trying to write my own or modify an existing extension.
Zoe Slattery, review from JED
star rating

Great extension

Simply excellent!!! Eugene answered within hours and helped us through the configuration until it worked perfect!
Michael Melson, review from JED
star rating
Excellent for a highly functional out-of-the-box application
Very functional. It allows a great deal of customization to get just the look you want.
Don Golden, review from JED
star rating
Excellent value for the money
Very easy to setup and use with a great choice of parameters to configure it properly.
Walter Rojter, review from JED
star rating
Very useful solution
The extension has many params to configure according to the different scenarios.
Septdir, review from JED

Pricing That Suits All
Business Sizes

Duration of each plan refers to the access to download section, product updates and support. There is no limitation of functionality when the subscription expires.


12 months

  • Updates: 5 domains
    Sites to update & Technical Support
  • Extension + core add-ons
    Basic package to start
  • Extension Updates &
    Technical Support
  • 20% discount on renewal
    No recurring payment
Bundle Pack


12 months

  • License: 5 domains
    Sites to update & Technical Support
  • Extra add-ons **
    Extension + Extra add-ons
  • Extension Updates &
    Technical Support
  • 20% discount on renewal
    No recurring payment


Lifetime cycle

  • License: Unlimited
    No limits on domains! Technical Support
  • Extra add-ons **
    Extension + Extra add-ons
  • Extension Updates &
    Technical Support
  • Premium support
    Get answers more quickly
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* Displayed prices are excluding VAT. Correct prices / VAT will be calculated in the checkout.

** The Bundle pack includes NorrCompetition and its core add-ons and the following 6 extra add-ons from Add-ons Pack: Grid Module, Carousel Module, AltaUserPoints Integration, EasySocial Integration, JomSocial Integration, Amazon S3 Integration.

Don’t know what to choose?
Examine Knowledge Base or just contact us to get help with your plan.

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