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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to your questions.

Financial Questions

What payment methods do you accept?
Payment for the Product are executed through Stripe - a popular and trustworthy payment processor.
We accept payments from all major credit & debit cards: MasterCard, VISA, Maesto, Dinners Club, American Express. Stripe also provides payments to be made via Apple Pay, Google Pay, iDEAL, Bancontact, giropay, Alipay, EPS, BLIK and Przelewy24.
Can I pay via PayPal?
No, you cannot.
Do you store card information on your server?
We DO NOT handle card information on our server and do not have access to it. All information related to your card is being processed by Stripe payment processor.
I need an invoice for the subscription I've purchased
After the successful payment, you will receive an invoice at your e-mail. If you need to download it manually or later, then please sign in to NorrNext site, go to User Menu > My invoices and download the one what you need.
Do your subscriptions have recurring payments?
There is no recurring payment in our subscription system. Each payment is a one-off payment. We send e-mails to inform a user when the active subscription is about to expire.
Is there a way to buy a single add-on from Add-ons pack?
No, we do not offer purchase of add-ons that are included to Add-ons pack.
Can I upgrade my plan, if needed?
If you have already bought Start plan, you can upgrade your subscription anytime to the next plan with a good discount. Just choose the plan you want to upgrade and add it to the cart and you will get the discount automatically.
Is there a way to downgrade my plan, if needed?
No, it is not possible to downgrade any subscription.
What is the refund policy of NorrNext?
We offer a refund to customers within 14 days starting from the moment when the member made the payment. For more details, please read our full Refund Policy.
Stripe declines my bank card
Stripe has modern anti-fraud protection, and there may be various occasions when your card is declined:
  • Customer's bank declined the payment. From logs: "Tell the customer to try a different payment method, or they can contact their issuing bank for more information."
  • From logs: "You previously attempted to charge this card. When the customer's bank declined that payment, it directed Stripe to block future attempts."
  • Stripe blocks transactions suspected of being fraudulent payments.

You can read more about declines in Stripe's documentation.

if you encounter this problem, we recommend using a card issued by another bank or an alternative payment method available at the checkout page.
If it is not possible, we can prepare an invoice for you and ask you to make payment via wire transfer (bank payment). Once we receive the payment, we will create a user account on NorrNext site and manually assign a subscription to the product for you. Please contact us for further details.

Registration and Membership

What benefits does joining the NorrNext offer?
The immediate benefits of becoming a NorrNext member are the ability to download all existing extensions and entitling you to professional support in our user forums.
What are the differences between subscription plans?
A Starter subscription plan will suit best the person working on a personal level. It will get 12 months access to the download area and to the support forum, however this plan is limited to 5 domains. A Bundle pack plan usually includes extra add-ons WITH or WITHOUT core product (see the product page) will get extended 12-month period of access to the support services and to the download area. It can be used for 5 different domains and will be optimal for small businesses. A Developer plan gets lifetime access to the download area and support forums, and it gives unlimited domain license. This plan is the best choice for those persons who are involved in web development and for small agencies.
I haven't received my login details
A user account is being created during the checkout process. You should receive an e-mail with payment details and login in 15 minutes (depends on your mail server). Also please check out your spam box. If you still do not receive an email with order confirmation and login details, please write us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will check out.
Note: we do not send password after the registration due to security reason.
What happens when the subscription expires?
As soon as your subscription expires, you can still keep using the products you have downloaded from our site as long as you need. There is no limitation on functionality.
However, without an active subscription, you will NOT be able to get updates and technical support from us.
Is there a discount on subscription renewal?
You will receive a 20% discount on subscription upgrades. For renewals you can get 20% discount within 30 days, 15% within 20 days and 10% within 5 days. By the way, you can upgrade your subscription plan with 20% discount at any time.
My subscription is already expired. Can I use discount on renewal?
If your subscription is already expired, there is no discount on renewal and you need to make a new purchase. We offer 20% discount on renewal for users whose subscription is not expired. We send several notifications about the subscription expiration, so you will have a time to renew with a profitable price.
What steps should I take to download my extension?
After successful payment you will be forwarded to the download page with files related to the subscription plan you have purchased. If you are not forwarded for some reason, please login to our site. In user menu, there is a link to "My Downloads" section. Proceed there and download files.
Is there any limit of downloads?
Downloads are unlimited during your membership, so you can download non-limited amount of the extensions as long as your subscription lasts. Downloads will be restricted after the expiry of your subscription.
I cannot proceed to Payment or the cart is being empty
You need to accept cookies on this website. Please find the Change Cookie Consent button in the left bottom of site site and give your consent to specific cookies. If it will not help, please clear browser cache and repeat the action again.

Product Questions

Can I test a product before purchasing/is there a trial version?
You can check live demos of some products we provide on a Live Demo site and even play with settings inside Administrator Panel through our Playground site. It gives you a full understanding of how such products are designed and working. There is no necessity for trial versions. Some of the products doesn't have live demos due to its specific - e.g. payment plugins. There is an extensive documentation, well-guided tutorials and videos to help you get started quickly. This information allow you to observe the functionalities of extensions and products we provide.
Do you provide documentation and support?

We do the best our products to come with an extensive documentation, step-by-step tutorials and video guides. There is a large FAQ that have been updating to let a user get started quickly and solve potential question. More information can be found on Support page.

Commercial products get guaranteed support according to our support policy (see Response Time) and we are focused on providing the best service.
Free extensions come as is and no support is guaranteed. However, we do the best to provide critical fixes in priority order (with no obligation or deadline). In other cases, you can submit questions via Github issues in a section called Tracker. You can find the link on product page (Support button).

Where can I ask support questions about NorrNext extensions?
You should post your questions about all NorrNext products on our moderated forum board under the board relating to the enquired product. Each extension is entitled to a specific board.
How long do I have support access?
The access to the support board is actual as long as your subscription plan is active. See details related to the subscription on the product page or proceed to 'My Subscriptions' section after signing in to the site.
Can you help me developing a new site?
Yes, of course. We are specialized on developing websites and will be happy to discuss details about your project. You can fill out the form on Services page.
Is it possible to purchase custom setup or modification of your extensions?
Yes, you can go to Paid work section at our forum and hire a specialist for customizing the component or other needs.
There is a conflict with 3rd party extension
If the issue in working our products is caused by a 3rd party extension, then please contact its developers for further resolving. Usually, we investigate the situation on client's site and report if the functionality crashes due to 3rd party script. Also, the problem can be caused by server environment, caching provided by 3rd party web service. In most cases, it is resolvable.
I am using your free extension and I got a problem
All free products are provided as is and there is no obligation to support such products. Please see details above under 'Do you provide documentation and support?' question.
Is there a way to update commercial extension through Administrator Panel?
Yes, it is possible. For Joomla based websites the Joomla Update System is successfully implemented. Read this tutorial: How to enable one-click update for NorrNext commercial extensions

NorrCompetition Questions

What are the main specific definitions/terms?
For better understanding, let's begin from learning terms which are related to this product:
  • Entry. This is the component item which is submitted by a user as a content (e.g. it is like an article in com_content).
  • Contest. When a user want to submit an entry, the contest should be selected first to which the entry should be placed to. The user gets additional information taken from contest settings. E.g. you have a few contests - photo and video. And each contest has additional fields assigned to the selected contest.
  • Category. When the contest is created, you need to select a category which the contest should be associated with.
  • Field. Additional fields to be assigned with the contest. Each contest can get custom set of fields. The fields have different types: input, textarea, radio button and etc.
  • Contestant. A user who has submitted the entry.
How to create contest?

You need to perform the following steps according to the structure of contests:

  • Create category.
  • Create fields with different types. Ther should be at least one 'Name' field (type of the field).
  • Create contest and select a type you need (photo, video, simple). Then assign fields associated with the contest and select category.
  • Set up start and end date for the contest (ability to submit entries) and for voting.
  • Configure of how winners in completed contest should be displayed.
  • Set up permissions. Which user group can submit entries, vote and etc.

More information can be found here: Tutorials & video guides.

I want to see how the extension is configured and play with settings

Yes, it is possible! We have a special Playground site where you can investigate of how NorrCompetition works and play with settings. Try it now:

I want to see 1-5 stars voting system. Is it possible?
The extension operates with the standard one vote system which is being used during results calculation. Users can only give a "Like". There is no 1-5 stars voting system available at the moment.
Will NorrCompetition be compatible with a template from a popular provider?
Joomla 4 is based on Bootstrap 5.x+ framework by default. NorrCompetition comes with a default theme based on Uikit framework which loads independently and has no conflict with Bootstrap (btw, if you're using a Joomla template based on the same framrwork, you can disable loading Uikit libraries in component settings).
If your template is based on another front-end framework, make sure it is compatible or has no conflict with a default Joomla template Cassiopeia. By the way, NorrCompetition supports Joomla template overrride system, so you can customize the component according to your needs at any time.
Can guest user submit a entry to the contest? Is there any spam protection?

Guest users can submit entries. You can enable Captcha to protect contests from spam submissions. Please read this tutorial: Submitting Entries by Unregistered Users

Is it possible for a registered user not to vote for own entry?
Go to component Options > Contest tab and set 'Vote Own' param to NO.
Is there a way to use NorrCompetition as a a photo gallery without voting?
Yes, it is possible. You can skip 'Voting Start Date', 'Voting End Date' params and skip 'Start Date', 'End Date' of the contest or make the contest completed and set up 'Completed Contest Options'. Do not allow users to do any actions through Permissions. And NorrCompetition will display content as a gallery.
Does the component displays EXIF information in photo entries?
There is an option called EXIF which is disabled by default. You can edit component Options or proceed to the contest edit mode and find the right param in Entry Layout Options. Then there will be EXIF information to be displayed on entry pages.
Is there a way for a user to upload videos on the server?
No, there is no such a feature yet. NorrCompetition support embedding of videos taken from external video providers (see list of supported providers on the product page).
How videos are displayed on the list of entries?
There are two ways to display video entries in the list of entries: as thumbnails and direct video embed. You can see how it works on the demo site.
Can a contest consist of multiple categories?
No. The only category can be selected in contest setting.
Can categories for contests be built up in an unlimited hierarchy?
The component dependends core Joomla category system, but limited up to 3 levels. More levels are just redundantly. By the way, contests does not have any hierachy and can be assigned to categories.
Is it possible to add a link to contestant's profile (entry submitter)?
There is a plugin allowing to connect Contestant with other components that provide user profile. More details can be found here: NorrCompetition Profile Link
Can admin limits of how many entries a contestant can submit to the contest?
Go to Component Options > Contest tab and set up 'Entry Count'. This param specifies the entries count that a contestant can submit for one contest.
Can I set up winners manually or change a number of votes for some entries?
You can set up of how to display winners on the completed contest page. However, there is no way to set up custom votes per a entry or change this value for entries. It is how the component is designed to keep up fair result for contests. By the way, you can set up a Grand Prix status to one entry per a contest. This option will highlight the entry at the completed contest without counting its rate.
Can entries in a completed contest to be grouped by a field?
Yes, you can display winners grouped under one field. E.g. the 'City' or 'State' field is assigned to your contest and there is a way to display winners grouped by this field like: Amsterdam, New York, Moscow etc. You can see how it is organized at NorrCompetition demo (Show Me Your Smiley contest - all entries are sorted under 'Age' field).
How the protection from unfair voting is implemented?
In NorrCompetition the protection from unfair voting (voter fraud) and repetitive attempts depends on contest settings. Please read the following article.