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16 October 2022
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CMS Pagekit Stable version 1.0 released

CMS Pagekit Stable version 1.0 released
06 May 2016

The first quarter of 2016 was full of expectations when ever stable version of Pagekit will be appeared and, finally, this day has came. Long awaited Pagekit 1.0 was released at April, 16th. Let’s summarize what has been appeared in the stable version.

Some history

The first major announcement about this CMS appeared in Autumn’s 2013 and Pagekit beta-versions have underwent several cardinally changes during these years and were completely rewritten in comparison to the first public Alpha version. It took lot of time, but the result equal the hopes since it’s better to prepare powerful platform for further development than to support anachronisms.

A huge number of improvements were implemented in v.1.0 since last Beta version (major change is Vue.js update) as well as new features appeared and, at last, Pagekit is ready to use in long-term perspective.

Pagekit key features:

  • Dev friendly environment (Symfony components, Uikit front-end framework, Vue.js)
  • Built-in marketplace to install themes and extensions (there is web version too)
  • Blog extension and One theme comes as pre-bundled packages
  • Native PHP7 and SQLite support (MySQL is available too)
  • Analytics extension integrating with Google Analytics to display nice charts
  • Video tutorials and dev’s documentation

There are 4 new modern themes available in the marketplace to start developing a nice looking site. Despite of a fact there are yet small numbers of 3rd party extensions, you can compensate missing features using the power of Uikit front-end framework that provides additional set of the components like slideshow, accordion and etc. Have a look at Uikit components list.

Since Pagekit is a platform that attract developers’ attention, it's expecting that the number of 3rd party extensions will grow up with time.

Our team have already released two extensions: PKB Social to display groups of users and PKB Social Share buttons that help with promotion of the site within popular social networks. We’re go on working on according to our release plan and new extensions for Pagekit extensions are on its way, but let it be a little secret for now. Watch for our news to be informed of recent changes.

Try out to discover Pagekit CMS:

Pagekit site Github Documentation

You can read our detailed Pagekit overview, but bear in mind that overview was written according the beta-version.

Eugene Sivokon

Product manager and Joomla enthusiast who has worked in many web development roles taking on a wide array of various projects.

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