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02 February 2024
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Smart Search package for NorrCompetition released

Smart Search package for NorrCompetition released
08 August 2023

We have finished adapting all NorrCompetition's in-built extensions to make them Joomla 4 ready. Now here is a new extension that appeared in the list of add-ons: it's pack of plugins for Smart Search.

Smart Search comes as 3 plugins:

  • Smart Search for NorrCompetition
  • NorrCompetition Contests for Smart Search
  • NorrCompetition Entries for Smart Search

See plugin's documentation

P.S. There is still a classical search plugin which was adapted to Joomla 4 and is available to download for those users who still using com_search component (it should be installed as a 3rd party extension in Joomla 4 now).

Dmitrijs Rekuns

A Joomla enthusiast and web developer who has been working with Joomla since 2007. I work in the banking sector. What excites me most is developing extensions.

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