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14 September 2023
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Open Graph and Social Share elements are ZOO 4 ready

Open Graph and Social Share elements are ZOO 4 ready
13 September 2023

Our two popular elements for ZOO are now compatible with ZOO CCK version 4 which is Joomla 4 native. Now you can make your ZOO based site more friendly to social networks as Facebook, Twitter and get more nice links in other services and messengers.

Open Graph is an internet protocol that was originally created to standardize the use of metadata within a webpage to represent the content of a page. Open Graph for ZOO element implements such protocol to any kind of ZOO CCK pages.

Social Share for ZOO element allows you to add social sharing buttons to your website built with ZOO CCK. There are various social networks which are available to share through Facebook, X (Twitter), WhatsApp, VK, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Using a combination of both elements you can extend your blog or news page with a necessary functionality to highlight the content in newsfeeds of social media accounts.

Release features

  • Joomla 4+ ready.
  • ZOO 4+ ready.
  • PHP 8.1+ ready.
  • Social Share element: WhatsApp, Telegram and X added.
  • Social Share element: Google+ and counters removed.
  • Social Share element: GDPR ready. No external script is loaded.
  • Native Joomla Updater support.

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