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02 November 2022
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NorrNext progress and achievements in 2017

NorrNext progress and achievements in 2017
28 March 2018

It is always interesting to look back and to summarize what was done in the last year. During 2017 we have released a bunch of extensions for Joomla and below is a short overview of our progress.

New products


Our top extension got 7 editions. A lot of new features and improvements were added and tons of issues were fixed, so we are proud to say NorrCompetition is one of the best voting contest extensions for Joomla.

The component also got new localizations in Thai, Czech and Italian. You can see a list of all available languages here. We are using Transifex as an online platform to manage localizations.

Two new plugins were developed and included in the core pack:

  • NorrCompetition Notifications plugin - it sends extended notifications to users. Read more.
  • NorrCompetition Profile Link plugin - using this small plugin you can link Contestant's name to the selected profile system. Read more.

And finally, a long-awaited NorrCompetition Application for EasySocial add-on was released. It integrates NorrCompetition events to EasySocial stream and displays latest user actions in the user profile. A must-have extension for community driven site!


RD-Subscriptions is a popular Joomla subscription software written by Robert Dam. Based on Akeeba Subscriptions code, the RD-Subscriptions provides an advanced solution to sell access to digital products. We have released two add-ons for this excellent extension to extend its features.

The first one is Products module which comes as free and pro version. The module has a lot of settings and can group products by various params: latest products, custom products, filters and etc. A must-have add-on if you are using RD-Subscriptions.

The second add-on is 2Checkout Inline payment plugin for RD-Subscriptions. The plugin displays the payment interface in iframe window, so there is no need to leave the site to proceed the payment.

Phoca Cart payment plugins

Last year was full of development for this new e-commerce Joomla extension. Phoca Cart is a component written by Jan Pavelka, the author of popular extensions as Phoca Gallery, Phoca Download and etc. We decided to support the product and have developed a bunch of payment plugins turning Phoca Cart into a real e-commerce platform:

Various Joomla products:

Another cool release is a Pro version of popular menu module JMB Tree allowing the site integrator to build a menu based on specified menu items in an elegant way. Pro version comes with rich settings and has fully mobile-friendly design. It supports RTL & LESS and offer 6 predefined layouts.

We also released a new payment plugin providing 2Checkout Inline integration to Hikashop which is popular e-commerce extension for Joomla.

Finally, a small plugin appeared to meet some client’s needs: No Duplicate Product in Cart for JoomShopping. This plugin prevents adding the same item to the cart again and displays a custom warning message.

Events & Conferences Sponsorship

In 2017 we have supported two Joomla related events as sponsors.
We were glad to become a giveaway sponsor for CMS Africa Summit 2017 (March, 4) and to support JoomlaDay Russia 2017 (June, 17) as gifts founder. Our representative also participated in JoomlaDay as a speaker. See report in Russian.


Apart from other activity, we have established a partnership with another great Joomla extension and template providers: RocketTheme, Stackideas, OSTraining and All our clients with a valid subscription can get discount from them on partners page.

Further plans on 2018

We go on working on the top extension NorrCompetition and implement new features to make the component better. The version 1.7.6 (maintanance update) will come during the week.

Also, new add-ons are planned for release. We have been working on NorrCompetition Application for JomSocial to be released in April. And there is some other stuff we are working on, but it will be announced when the time comes.

We love Joomla and continue releasing new extensions for this excellent CMS.

Stay tuned,

Sincerely yours,
NorrNext team

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It is valid till 5th of April.

Eugene Sivokon

Product manager and Joomla enthusiast who has worked in many web development roles taking on a wide array of various projects.

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