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21 February 2023
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NorrNext celebrates 10 Years Anniversary

NorrNext celebrates 10 Years Anniversary
30 August 2022

Good day, community! A known fact: the time is passing by so quickly, and you do not even notice how much tasks were done and from time to time it is useful to summarize completed tasks and see the progress.

It is an amazing fact, but this year we celebrate 10 years since our team started to work together!

The story

10 years ago we started to work as a team and began working on products and developing various extensions. A way which took a few years and finally, in 2015 we launched this brand. Our conception is to create solutions and work on tasks we love to do and get inspired of, consequently the working process looks like doing it for fun, which is, undoubtedly, gives a positive background and let to get productive result.

Join us for a celebration! Discount on All Products

We prepare a little gift to the community: join us in celebrating 10 years anniversary, and get any product with 30% discount!

Coupon code: ANNIVERSARY30
Valid til 30th September, 2022.

What now we are focused on

NorrCompetition. Adapting our top product to Joomla 4 is a priority number one at the moment. Read more details about the process in this announcement.

Revamping of the site. We work on a new site design and structure. Intuitive navigation and useful information helps user to get started quickly. And a new stunning design will come, of course.

Sharing experiences via useful articles. After Joomla 4 got its stable version, a lot of information became obsolete and needed a fresh look. We plan to write more articles to actualize information which will be useful to site integrators, webmasters and to every person who is interested in site management.

Documentation update and new videos. To continue providing necessary information, we will update our extensive documentation, add new articles, and record videos with step-by-step tutorials.

This is a good aim to reach.

Wrapping Up

We want to thank you for being together with us to help us grow and improve our products and solutions! It is a honor for us to be a part of a friendly community, and feel the power of communion, united with the same intensions.

All the support we got during these 10 years and interaction with the community is incredible and we have gained valuable experience making our work better, and it is because of you all. Thanks! We will try to please you with new products and solutions. Stay tuned!

Note: you can see a combination of photos with us taken on various Joomla events on the front picture. The shoots include Joomlers who are not part of our team. Photos were taken from public groups and personal archive.

Eugene Sivokon

Product manager and Joomla enthusiast who has worked in many web development roles taking on a wide array of various projects.

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