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02 March 2023
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NorrCompetition 2.0 Release plans

NorrCompetition 2.0 Release plans
29 August 2022

Many of users have been waiting for NorrCompetition to work natively on Joomla 4 and in this press release we would like to clarify the situation and give details on how the progress is going and when version 2.0 will be released.

The first version of Joomla 4 was released a year ago and later it became a stable version. NorrCompetition is still working with Joomla 3 and many of you are asking about the future of this product.

NorrCompetition is our top product and we have been working on a new version 2.0 which is Joomla 4 native. However, there are many changes between Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 versions and the adaptation takes much more time than expected.

NorrCompetition status. What's new?

Right now a new version of NorrNext site is in the process and at the same time we are working on NorrCompetition 2.0. It is a native Joomla 4 component, while further development of version 1.8 for Joomla 3 will be stopped and only major bug fixes to be provided. The EOL of version 1.8 is the same as for Joomla 3.10 - 17 August 2023.

NorrCompetition version 2.0 will get an important change: all themes except the default one will be removed. Joomla 4 comes with excellent tools to override templates and customize layouts by a site integrator, so providing 4 themes to support obsolete frameworks is redundant and no longer actual. The default theme will be UIkit based.

Existing users will have the ability to do a migration from version 1.8 to 2.0.

We understand your concern and hurry to inform that the version 2.0 is on its way. There is no strict deadline, but for us it's priority number one.

Approximate release date for NorrCompetition 2.0.0:

But we hope to release the new version as soon as possible. Follow us in social media to stay tuned!

Dmitrijs Rekuns

A Joomla enthusiast and web developer who has been working with Joomla since 2007. I work in the banking sector. What excites me most is developing extensions.

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