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16 October 2022
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NorrCompetition New Demo Site Launched

NorrCompetition New Demo Site Launched
30 October 2019

We are glad to introduce a new demo site which unleashes the potential of NorrCompetition.

The original demo was created in 2015 and nowadays look outdated. We made a big work on creating ultimately new demo showing different ways of component use. Each contest comes with custom settings, and you can see different combinations: photo and video, additional gallery, simple type of contest with embedded media data and etc. All scenarios that you could imagine have already released.

The demo is based on Uikit3, so you can see how greatly the component looks with this excellent front-end framework!

Visit demo site

By the way, a new sample data is in the progress and soon sample package will be updated.

We are working on developing another demo site. It will be playground giving users an ability to submit entries and edit contests, change parameters and do anything on a real site. It will save you time, and you can make a conclusion concerning component features.

Watch for our news!

Eugene Sivokon

Product manager and Joomla enthusiast who has worked in many web development roles taking on a wide array of various projects.

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