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19 September 2022
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Quantum Manager 1.5.0 released

Quantum Manager 1.5.0 released
13 May 2020

We are thrilled to announce the release of Quantum Manager 1.5.0 which comes with new features, improvements, and addresses most of the issues that were discovered during the development process. We are sure you will be surprised by new improvements.

New features

  • Button plugin for editor has been reworked. Now it supports multiple files embedding and custom embed templates for scopes. Please read the docs that will help you to build your own embed templates.

    Note on backwards compatibility break. Unfortunately all you previous templates will be lost. We are sorry for inconvenience, but that was the only way to make embedding of files more flexible. We hope you will find this compatibility break as a reasonable price for this new feature.

  • New override options are available for com_media override plugin. You can replace the standard type of the media field with a new one with an image preview.
  • Added edit icon in the directory tree.
  • Added ability to select directories, which allows you to copy / cut them.
  • Added a new action "Select all" to the toolbar.
  • Added new options to the image editor: compression ratio, sharpness, brightness and blur (blur works only with Imagemagick library).
  • Added a new icon to the metadata that allows to copy the link to the selected file.
  • When selecting information in the metadata, the selected one is copied to the buffer.
  • Created a system of modal windows inside the manager. This will allow third-party scripts to make integration with the manager.
  • A new upload field from Quantum Manager has been added to the lib_fields library


  • Static files from the core manager are moved to plugins
  • Grid for Pixabay and Unsplash will line up faster
  • Added image size option to Pixabay search
  • Standard modal window "Image" has been expanded
  • Various code improvements

Bug Fixes

  • All scopes are now shown for plugin which overrides the standard manager. The "Field Folder" is inserted first and is always active by default.
  • Fixed local path handling in different environments.
  • Button "Open in a new window" opens manager in a new window, and not in the current.
  • Fixed Javascript error when injecting language strings with the special symbols like single quote.

Note: To install version 1.5.0 you need Internet connection since the component downloads an external lib_fields library.


We have moved our support for Quantum Manager to GitHub. If you found a bug or faced an error, want to request a feature or have ideas to share, please do not hesitate to create an issue.


Till now there was no way to track all Qunatum Manager releases and follow the progress. Now we have a special GitHub repository where you can download all releases.

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