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28 June 2023
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NorrNext representative will speak at JoomlaDay Germany and JoomlaDay Poland

NorrNext representative will speak at JoomlaDay Germany and JoomlaDay Poland
11 September 2015

We’re happy to announce that our representative Eugene Sivokon will be a speaker at two events: JoomlaDay Germany 2015 that will be held in Hamburg at 18-19th of September and JoomlaDay Poland that will take a place in Gdansk at 26-27th of September.

For JoomlaDay Germany he’s preparing a session called Building a Joomla club from scratch: goals, problems, solutions.

The main idea of a session is providing an information for every interested person how to organise small business starting from an idea and motivation and ending with marketing and promotion. The session covers different subjects as strategic planning, investments, team building and management, building an infrastructure and marketing.

What is the reason to start own small club and how to turn it into professional extension or template provider? What you should do to avoid typical organizational mistakes and how to manage processes effectively - all these things will be considered during the session.

After a week another national Joomla event will take a place - JoomlaDay Poland. For this event Eugene is preparing a session called Effective team building for extensions development. During this session he will speak about nuances of products development in a team given Joomla specifics and how to manage the processes effectively by a team manager or other responsible person and finally get the best result with extension to meet international standards.


“It’s a honour for me to visit and speak at JoomlaDay Germany and JoomlaDay Poland and I’d like to invite every interested persons from local communities to visit the event”
We also have prepared 20% discount on all NorrCompetition extension plans especially in honour of this events. Coupon code: JOOMLADAY2015

The coupon will be active until 15th of October.


Dmitrijs Rekuns

A Joomla enthusiast and web developer who has been working with Joomla since 2007. I work in the banking sector. What excites me most is developing extensions.

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