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30 October 2022
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NorrCompetition: important changes in English localization

NorrCompetition: important changes in English localization
30 March 2018

NorrCompetition 1.7.6 got changes in the English localization. They were reviewed by a native speaker and some phrases and definitions were updated for the best result.

Each language has its unique characteristic, structure, rules and exceptions that must be considered during the translation to provide the best result.

Some phrases we have used before aren't clear for English native speakers (North American English) and causes questions that happens due to language rules.
Finally, the English localization was updated.

If you are localizing the component to your language, please have a look at these changes. If old phrases are okay and cause no questions, perhaps you do not need to make changes in your localization.

Changes in English localization according to US American
en-GB (old version) en-GB (updated version)
App Form Entry Form
Competition Contest
App Submitter Contestant
Application Entry
Participant Entry

If these changes aren't good for British English - please contact us.


The NorrCompetition extension runs a "competition" where "authors" submit "participants".
In North America (and in the English language in many other places) they have "contests" where "participants" submit an "entry."
The different use of the word "participant" is what threw native speakers off the most.

As we can see, regional differences and language structure leads to some issues and inaccuracies during the translation. Let me explain on an example with Russian:

"Application" and "participant" means the same ("entry"), but these two words are used differently from English due to language structure and it is better to say in Russian:

  • A user submitted an application
  • A user voted for the participant
  • And etc.

As a result, the Russian localization does not need any changes in terms, but it might cause other localizations to be updated.

Please compare these changes to your native language and update the localization on Transifex if you are working on NorrCompetition localization. If there is no need to change anything according to your language - just duplicate old phrases.

Thank you in advance.

Feel free to leave comments in a case of any questions.

Thanks to Tim Davis and to his wife for their help with proofreading and terms explanation.

Eugene Sivokon

Product manager and Joomla enthusiast who has worked in many web development roles taking on a wide array of various projects.

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