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21 April 2024
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NorrCompetition 2.0.6 released

NorrCompetition 2.0.6 released
03 April 2024

We are glad to announce a new version of NorrCompetition 2.0.6 which contains several bug fixes and NorrCompetition Entries module version 2.0.6. Both extensions are maintenance releases.

NorrCompetition component ver.2.0.6 changelog

  • Fixed. Vote time limit language string in the vote button
  • Fixed. Missing context for a language string in the vote button

NorrCompetition Entries module ver.2.0.6 changelog

  • Fixed remaining votes calculation for fingerprint check
  • Fixed entry id is not passed to the share button
  • Fixed missing language string

NorrCompetition is a native extension for Joomla 5. No Backward Compatibility plugin required. And the extension works on Joomla 4 too.

We recommend to use the latest versions of Joomla and NorrCompetition to keep your site up-to-date and always perform a backup before any update.

Eugene Sivokon

Product manager and Joomla enthusiast who has worked in many web development roles taking on a wide array of various projects.

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