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28 June 2023
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NorrCompetition 1.3.0 is released: now with multilingual support

NorrCompetition 1.3.0 is released: now with multilingual support
16 December 2015

A new major version of NorrCompetition is here. The main feature for this release is multilingual support.

What's new?

Multilingual support

This is for sure one of the main things that NorrCompetition was missing. But now it is ready to be multilingual - all you need is to enable multilingual support in general component's settings. Read more about multilingual support in Use on multilingual sites document. .

Submitter display

This feature was requested on our forum. The idea is to show a user who has submitted an entry. We have implemented the submitter display in the list of entry fields. You have three options to control the display:

  • Contestant – show or hide a user (contestant) who has submitted an entry in the list of entry fields.
  • Contestant Title – how the contestant should be displayed: name or username.
  • Link to Contestant – if set to Yes, the submitter will be linked. You must create a content plugin for this to be in effect. See the document Creating a link to contestant.

Improved vote messages

This feature is also the result of request. But we have improved the initial request and now vote messages are more meaningful. This is possible due to refactoring of vote data handling that also brought more improvements to plugin events onParticipantAllowedCompetitionVotes and onParticipantAllowedParticipantVotes: now these can change the allowed votes for a user.

Title truncate

This little feature allows you to control the length of entry title to prevent ugly looking layout in the list of entries in component and modules. You will find it in Options > Entries tab. If it is set then the title will be truncated to specified length. You can override it for specific contest if needed. The same parameter was added to all modules so we recommend to update them also.

Bug fixes

Several bugs were fixed in this new release:

  • Fix "VK.load is not a function"
  • Fix the display of "Submit App" button is not respecting specific contest permissions
  • Fix video preview is not resizing to fit the width
  • Fix 404 error by removing dot from allowed URL slug symbols
  • Fix icon list in default theme

Please update all related modules and plugins to support new features introduced in version 1.3.0

Dmitrijs Rekuns

A Joomla enthusiast and web developer who has been working with Joomla since 2007. I work in the banking sector. What excites me most is developing extensions.

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