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02 November 2022
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Available localizations for Quantum Manager. We need your help!

Available localizations for Quantum Manager. We need your help!
05 August 2020

Quantum Manager is walking over the world and get more recognition. Any product is perceived better when a user sees the interface in the native language. The component has translated into different languages. However, we would like to make Quantum Manager available in many languages as possible. It can be realized with the help of the community and we need your support.

Quantum Manager is available in about 15 languages and it is just so nice to get real feedbacks and see how people contributing to beta-testing and localizations.

Those people helped us to make Quantum Manager available in the following languages:

Language Localization provided by Contributor's website
Bulgarian Svetoslav Slavkov https://www.it-playground.net/
Czech Bong http://www.bongovo.cz/
French Yann Gomiero Twitter
German Svetoslav Slavkov https://www.sslavkov.eu/
Italian Martijn Sweers https://www.fotocircoloestate1826.it/
Russian Delo Design https://delo-design.ru/
Indonesian Dwi Rianto Twitter
Slovak Bong http://www.bongovo.cz/
Slovenian Jure Olina https://www.e-orbit.net/
Spanish Deyvis Enrique Baca https://www.buho.la/
Turkish Kaya Zeren Twitter
Polish Wojciech Morphic Klocek https://morphic.pl/
Portuguese (Brazil) Carlos Spinola https://www.abcmix.com.br/
Ukrainian Ihor https://nevigen.com/

We kindly thank all persons who contributed their time to the translations! Thank you very much, dear Joomla users and colleagues!

Did you not find your language in the list above? All localizations are provided by enthusiasts and perhaps it is time to do the same for you? :)

We are grateful for any contribution, so if you are willing to help to localize Quantum Manager extension in your language - we invite you to join Transifex.

Download translations Quantum Manager at Transifex

As soon as you sign up at Transifex, you need to request joining a language team and suggest the language. After reviewing and approving the request, you can start the translation.

Please help us to get Quantum Manager a bit closer to your local community.

Eugene Sivokon

Product manager and Joomla enthusiast who has worked in many major web development roles since 2002 taking on a wide array of various projects.

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