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19 September 2022
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NorrNext: Sneak Peek for Q1

NorrNext: Sneak Peek for Q1
26 January 2017

We have planned to focus our activity on extensions development and this year should be productive on releases. During first quarter of 2017 we are planning to release a bunch of modules and plugins, so lets take a look on what will be released in the near future.

NorrCompetition 1.6.2 & new AUP plugin

A new release of our popular voting contest component is almost ready and will be released during a couple of days together with AUP plugin 1.1.0 that includes new rules to extend abilities for contests monetization.

Optimize Tables plugin (free product)

Simple, but effective plugin that optimizes or repair database tables on daily basis. A very useful tool for every Joomla site to keep the database up & clean. Plugin will be available as a free product.

NorrCompetition Notifications plugin

This plugin extends standard notificatiion features and sends notifications to users about actions performed on entries that they have been submitted. The plugin is part of core NorrCompetition add-ons and will be available to all subscribers who have purchased NorrCompetition.

2Checkout Inline payment plugin for RD Subscriptions

Payment plugin that provides integration of RD-Subscriptions subscription software with 2Checkout. All payments are processed in inline mode (a popup window with iframe).

Products for RD-Subscriptions

This universal module displays group of RD-Subscriptions products and comes with a lot of settings to configure the layout. There are a lot of sorting options providing you an ability to display specified products by its ID, name, price and etc.

JShopping No Duplicate Product in Cart

Another simple plugin for JoomShopping. It prevent users to add item to cart again. They will get a message: "This item is already added to the cart". This message can be changed. No hacks and modifications are required, it is enough just to install and enable. The plugin will be released on the next week.

The february is promised to be full of new releases. Watch for our news.

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Eugene Sivokon

Product manager and Joomla enthusiast who has worked in many web development roles taking on a wide array of various projects.

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