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19 September 2022
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NorrCompetition Grid is released

NorrCompetition Grid is released
11 October 2015

Another add-on for NorrCompetition is released. We're glad to introduce you NorrCompetition Grid - a module that filters entries in a nice grid mode. The module have flexible settings and can be configured to meet design requirements. This add-on adds a new feature and make contests more attractive.

Module is easy to configure: you can select contests, manage sorting parameters and choose which elements to display. Also it's possible to enable Lightbox and overlay effects.

NorrCompetition Grid can sort participants by the folowing criterias:

  • Default - Sort button by default
  • Name - Sort button by name.
  • Rating - Sort button by rating.
  • Latest - Sort button by latest items.
  • Random - Random sorting.

A "Load more" feature is included and it's easy to use the module with other templates due to its layout system: Default, Twitter Bootstrap 2 and UIkit.

NorrCompetition Grid - front-end side
Front-end part of NorrCompetition Grid
NorrCompetition Grid - params in backend
NorrCompetition Grid. Back-end part

This module can extend your competitions based on NorrCompetition with new nice features, make it more dynamic and attact visitors' attention.

More about NorrCompetition Grid:

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