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19 September 2022
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How much you can earn on NorrNext Affiliate Program?

How much you can earn on NorrNext Affiliate Program?
17 March 2019

As you probably may know, we have an affiliate program which offers profitable conditions. In this article, we will talk about how much you can earn on the program and how to use promo materials to make the process more efficient.

What benefits of your affiliate program?

We offer flat affiliate program allowing you to earn 35% commission from each sale made by a referral that came from your referral link. The minimal balance you need to reach to get a payout is € 50.

The calculation on the example of NorrCompetition packages:

  • Single subscription: 49 € to pay. The earning on the commission: € 17.15
  • Bundle package: 89 € to pay. The earning on the commission: € 31.15
  • Dev package: 149 € to pay. The earning on the commission: € 36.5

NorrNext Affiliate Program: conversions of a user

As you can see, even several sales will give you a great ability to make a profit and earn money by promoting NorrNext products. The more referrals you attract the better profit will be!

So, if you are a freelancer or representing a studio - it is time to buy products for your clients, if you are a Joomla fan - feel free to write blog posts or articles to be published on different web resources.

Promo material

Sign in to the site and go to Affiliates section. As a registered user, you can see the affiliate area. Just copy referral URL that makes magic.

NorrNext Affiliate Program: my accounts

After proceeding to the page you will see Account affiliate link:

The prefix ?atid=XX can be added to the product page. Where XX - there is an ID of your affiliate account.

You can point specified product pages you want a user to go.


As soon as a user buy something at your referral URL, you will be informed about the sale via the email.

There are marketing banners, but we recommend to prepare articles, announces or even tutorials with case study to make users feel interested.

How to promote?

  • Product announces and news. Prepare short blog posts about something related to the product. E.g. new version, a update of localization, etc.
  • Overviews. Share your opinion and experience of product use. Screenshots will increase the interest.
  • Tutorials and how to's. The most efficient part. Give the user an understanding what tasks can be solved using the product and share best practices. Screenshots and video will be a great addition.
  • Social media and forums. Tell to your friends the benefits of the product and make an 'informational presence' in local groups and communities.

Good luck with the promotion!

Eugene Sivokon

Product manager and Joomla enthusiast who has worked in many web development roles taking on a wide array of various projects.

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