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19 September 2022
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NorrNext Affiliate Program Closing Down

NorrNext Affiliate Program Closing Down
21 June 2021

We’re sorry to say that NorrNext referral program will be discontinued because of lack of traction for the program and numerous fake registrations.

During the time the program was started the number of users was growing and there were some fraud incindents, using the program to get cashback, SEO hacking with affiliate URL redirect and numerous spam bot registrations. We’ve reached the point where it’s too much time consuming to control the accounts and logs that it’s interesting for our promotion.

Finally, we’ve come to the conclusion that the affiliate system has more disadvantages and gives minimal profit, and thereby it has been discontinued. All commissions that reached the minimal amount will be paid using Paypal.

You can submit payout request in Affiliate section as logged in user or by contacting us until 01 July, 2021 to get payout.

Eugene Sivokon

Product manager and Joomla enthusiast who has worked in many web development roles taking on a wide array of various projects.

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