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12 February 2023
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Georgian language pack for NorrCompetition added

Georgian language pack for NorrCompetition added
11 February 2023

Georgian language package for NorrCompetition has been finished and is available to download. We kindly thank Giorgi Bulia for providing the localization.

The release of the new Georgian localisation for Norrcompetition is exciting news for the Georgian-speaking community. Norrcompetition is a popular competition management software used by organizations around the world to run and manage various types of contests and competitions. With the new localisation, users in Georgia will now be able to use the platform in their native language, making it easier and more accessible for them to participate in contests and competitions.

The new Georgian localisation has been carefully crafted by a Giorgi Bulia, who has worked to ensure that the user interface, as well as the various features and functionalities of the platform, are accurately and effectively translated into Georgian. This will help to eliminate language barriers and ensure that Georgian users are able to fully engage with the platform, without any difficulties or confusion.

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